Below you will find a blog that attempts to discredit Lady Gaga’s Born this Way approach. As you can imagine, I had something to say in response to support my FRIEND.

Why the “Born This Way” Argument Fails

By Robin Schumacher

I doubt there’s much disagreement that “born this way” is the number one argument in play today regarding homosexuality.

In debating the issue of same-sex marriage, and homosexual behavior in general, a very common line of reasoning used by our culture to defend homosexuality is that people are born with their sexual orientation. In Christianity, those espousing a pro-gay theology oftentimes declare, “God made me this way.” In both cases, the claim is that you cannot fault someone for being born the way they are, and therefore homosexual behavior should be embraced and valued every bit as much as heterosexuality.

Homosexuality aside for a moment, I’d like to assert that Lady Gaga can sing “Born This Way” all she’d like, but the argument itself doesn’t stick.

This fact is becoming especially relevant today because we are now beginning to see the argument utilized to justify many other behaviors, with the most recent being pedophilia. Christian commentators have said for a long time that we would go down this road, but they were crucified in the media for suggesting it.

But really, did anyone doubt this would happen?

Why the Argument Fails in General

Whether someone is born a homosexual or not is a debate that continues to rage with “experts” on both sides producing data and studies that supposedly solidify their position. Personally, I think the debate is somewhat irrelevant for the following reason:

Being born with certain behavioral predispositions does not equate to those desires being good, moral, and right in the eyes of God.

For example, I wasn’t born monogamous. I truly wish I was, but sadly, I wasn’t. My natural inclinations and drives are aimed at having sex with women, and truth be told, as many as I possibly can.

I also wasn’t born patient. Instead, I was born naturally impatient.

And self-centered.

And prone to outbursts of anger.

And unforgiving.

And a liar.

And greedy.

I was born with all of these things and more. These traits and desires come to me naturally, are quite strong, and are very easy for me to live with in lots of ways.

If you want to see many of these sinful behaviors in full bloom, you needn’t look any further than the nearest 3-year old child, who will be only too happy to demonstrate his true nature when you don’t give him what he wants or if you take something away from him. This may be why Reinhold Neibuhr has gone so far as to argue that, “The doctrine of original sin is the only empirically verifiable doctrine of the Christian faith.” [1]

Yet, each one of these natural tendencies is something every responsible parent works hard at changing in their child, and that each responsible adult should work hard at removing from their life.

This is why the “born that way” argument fails in general. Its implicit foundation is flawed because it assumes that if a person is born with a particular inclination towards a behavior, then it must be moral and good. That just isn’t true.



No one is born with behavior – bad, good, or otherwise is debatable, but rather it is learned.

All the things you are listing to support your argument and discredit my FRIEND Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” are learned patterns of behavior; therefore the foundation upon which it is built is not solid. One has a choice to act or not act on those impulses and to behave a certain way.

Sexuality, on the other hand, is a natural born TRAIT – much like being born with brown eyes or blue eyes. We do not have control over this because it is natural selection, it is in the way we are programmed and in our DNA. You can witness it in nature too, as humans are not the only species in the Animal Kingdom that are known to have homosexual members amongst them.

We as humans have attempted to create a more “civilized society”, but in doing so some religions take it too far – their motives are not pure. The leaders of the organizations make rules that serve their own personal need for attention, money, power, ego , you name it. Many followers believe in the rhetoric and go blindly without questioning how they formed their belief system.

It’s mind boggling to me that the head of the Roman Catholic Church, The Pope, could ever take an opinion that denounces gays as a “Christ-like” approach to lead his flock. Have we forgotten how much blood has spilled in the name of Christ? Would Christ have condoned the behavior of many so-called “Christians” as they justified their actions in his name? I’m pretty sure the answer is NO.

Christ was a good man that loved and welcomed ALL PEOPLE. The Christ I know, and the Christians I respect, believe in a loving Christ and a loving GOD that has created each of us in his image. After all, he doesn’t make mistakes and there is always a greater plan at work. It’s not Christ I fear, it is those that follow a fabricated version of him that makes me nervous.

Lastly, and most importantly, you mention in your blog that you are naturally greedy, naturally self-centered, naturally a liar, naturally unforgiving, and naturally prone to outbursts of anger, naturally unable to be monogamous.

Well, I have to tell you that I am “naturally inclined to believe you”.



Written by Ronnie



Perhaps not as eloquent as your but from the heart no less:

I came to your article after a friend highlighted the contents on their blog. I have read and re-read the points several times now and am really at a loss as to how to proceed. As a human being who was born into a Christian family and has made the decision to be ”born again” through full submersion baptism, I find many of your point perturbing.

Children are born into our world with many physiologically inbuilt mechanisms which make them all individuals, as a child I was taught that certain things in life were right and wrong, and my parents brought me up to the best of their ability within a Christian home. They aimed by their guidance to demonstrate to me and my sister the fruits of the Spirit even if at that time they didn’t say specifically what they were doing.

Now as an adult I can see those elements of my life playing a huge part in my personal development. However, as an adult I am much more aware, especially through my chosen career as a nurse, that there are many elements of life which are not so clear cut. Science as much as my Christian upbringing has taught me that there really are numerous and wonderful individuals in this world. Science has shown us that in fact homosexuality is built into a person’s DNA and is in point of fact due to the levels of female hormones affecting the hypothalamus of the brain. Indeed individuals who are homosexual, transgender etc. demonstrate obvious alterations to their hypothalamus on scans. I too was born with a disorder which in Jesus’ times might have been viewed as demonic possession, I have Bipolar affective disorder, a mental health condition. Would you too state that I was not ”born this way” because I can assure you that was.

You describe the behaviour of children and the character traits they all exhibit, making it sound as though a child is there to be altered and have these traits ”removed” in order to turn them into something else. In my experience working with many families with children over the years, the role of parents is to love and support their child and enable them to flourish. Yes children need to have routine and learn what is right and wrong within their family and society however to limit them is not the role of a parent, that is the role of a tyrant.

In response to your arguement about paedophilia, make no mistake individuals with such proclivities are in fact NOT homosexuals and can and do have heterosexual relationships. Paedophilia is quite separate from homosexuality and I do fear for people who cannot see the difference. Yes there are programmes to help people with this problem and in some circumstance they can and do work effectively. However, to say that these individuals are not born but made is in fact quite narrow minded.

As a Christian I feel that Jesus taught us how to love each other as we too wished to be loved. There does not seem to be much love here in fact your article seems to be more about hatred. There is far too much of this belief in our world, this has led to terrible events where young people have taken their own lives rather than be treated and talked about in the ways you describe. One of your other articles talks about U-turn Christians and perhaps you would describe me as one, however I would rather be called that than feel that I am causing hurt and harm to another human being. That is what my parents and Christianity has taught me

Kind regards,


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