Dear Diary,

There comes a time in life when one realizes he doesn’t have to be everyone’s friend. I used to be the guy that needed everyone’s approval – thanks to my life experiences over the past few years I have learned this valuable lesson. I cannot please everyone, but I had better darn well be able to please myself first.

I’m more confident in who I am today than I have been in my entire life – I will always stand up for what I believe in – and I will always to my best to treat people the way they want to be treated; with love and respect. I’m thankful to my friends that know my heart, that embrace me for my strengths and weaknesses, and challenge me to be the best “ME” possible.

To those that know and love me, know that I love you back 1000x. To those that don’t quite know/understand me, good luck – I’m still figuring it out. To those that don’t like me, well, I dedicate this Lily Allen song to you…

That’s all for now,


Lily Allen – Fuck you (official) from AB/CD/CD on Vimeo.

Written by Ronnie

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Carlos Murillo

i kinda relate to this because… confusingly i don’t care about how other people will think about me but i care about their own feelings. it’s like, if someone doesn’t like me, i will not suffer from their nonapproval of me, but if someone hates that same person that doesn’t like me i might feel bad about it. and i’m always expecting good from people even thought i think they’re are evil. sort of contradicting feelings, aren’t they?

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