Happy New Year FRIENDS!

It’s been awhile since I have written; shameful of me to neglect you all. Please do understand that it has not been intentional, but rather that my current projects have me tied up (not like that you naughty naughty readers).

My journey has been an exciting one, but not an easy one. The entertainment industry, as many of you may know, is unpredictable and is all about finding yourself and more importantly – your BRAND. My personal brand is one that is rooted in matters of the HEART – which many may think is hippie bull-shit, but for me it is what connects us all as human beings. We are no longer oceans apart, we are all connected. The work that I am doing is aimed at encouraging all of us to celebrate our diversity, but also to realize that we have so much more in common!

My latest project is an anti-bully one called, FRIEND MOVEMENT; a collaboration with Elliot London that includes two films, a you-tube channel, education workshops, an anti-bully photo campaign, and more. I’m working with an incredible team of artists, producers, humanitarians, and politicos from around the globe! We are inviting everyone to change their middle names on Facebook and Twitter to “FRIEND” to show their support of preventing bullying in 2013! Our website will go live this month with lots of cool ways to get involved and keep the conversation going. While we don’t claim to have all the answers, we do have the passion in our hearts to find creative ways to find solutions. Imagine a world where we could all be a better FRIEND to our neighbors and treat them with kindness – respect – and love. We have been taught to fear what we don’t understand and to focus on how we are separate from everyone else; instead we should just start asking more questions and educate ourselves.

As a global society there is work to be done, problems to be solved, and life to be celebrated – yet, we waste our time with superficial differences and labels. I’ve never been a huge fan of labels. I understand that they help us understand and put order on chaos around us, but ultimately labels do more harm than good. I’m a man that happens to be gay, not a gay man. If I defined my entire life based on my sexuality, how boring would that be? We must challenge ourselves to dig deeper, to be vulnerable to connecting with those around us, and to live in light – not darkness. What we focus on expands … so, if we choose to focus and feed the negativity around us we should plan to welcome the storms that ensue. On the other hand, if we choose to wake-up and welcome the day, seize opportunities to meet folks, contribute to our community, and forgive those that have hurt us … then amazing things happen!!

I promise to be better about keeping you up to date and hope you will continue to do the same. Thank you for being my #FRIEND.



http://www.friendmovement.com (coming soon)


Written by Ronnie


Kathleen Nolan

I agree bulling for me was tramatic and I lost a friend you can’t get a award for what you do to hurt people whether you are different are not I wish we could like one another I hope Ron you got your wish glad your happy xo


Puma Knit Ayakkab
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