You guys are Angels!

WE HAVE RAISED OVER $20,000 for FRIEND FILM together!! Thank you for your generosity and kindness. While we explore the possibility of extending the indiegogo campaign, tax deductible donations can still be made HERE

Stay tuned for more updates and the unveiling of a very special FRIEND campaign to continue to raise awareness and help us reach our goal of $250k. Together we will make this film, prevent bullying in our schools, and be a better #FRIEND to one another.

If you would like to get more directly involved with FRIEND – we will have plenty of opportunities to be a part of this project in the coming months. Currently we are in need of fund-raisers, but once we go into production we will need an entire cast, crew, and dedicated team of volunteers. This truly is a project for and by the community and we look forward to your valuable contribution.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and we’ll be in touch!! For more info, please send emails to


Ronnie, Elliot, Alec, and the entire production team!!

Written by Ronnie

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The story that was told by Joseph is exactly as my with one exception – I stood on a bridge and going to jump, but remembered about my mom that loves me very much and about my young brother. I take care about them after my dad crashed in airplane disaster. And that had stops me to make a suicide. It’s hard to understand all that people who hates homo. It’s looks very strange – they have families, they can have children, they live in “right” world and they hate peoples who had born with out their possibilities.

I think it’s very important to tell our stories to young gays to help them discover reasons to live, to tell them that they have a lot of opportunities to live fully live with happy and in love.

Thanks for that story, Joseph. And thank you Ronnie for your work.

Thank you guys from russian gay guy.
PS: sorry for my english ;)

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